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The Design You Always Dreamed Of

It's not just a kitchen

Kitchen Design

is love...

Love Kitchen


Happiness Kitchen

mother & daughter...

Joy Kitchen

is family place

Family in kitchen

Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home

Kitchen Design

How To Design Your Ideal Kitchen


A collection of cars we've renovated with passion

Design is more than just an attractive appearance, Practicality is even more important




Sufficient storage space, Optimal Workflows and Functionality are the primary consideration of practical kitchen.

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Make your life easier - divide your kitchen into 6zones!


Introducing our 6zone concept is to all family who loves to lifestyle, the most important part to design the kitchen workflow, it's a key feature for a practical kitchen.

Call Our Kitchen Designer To

Design Your Practical Kitchen

Sephora Kitchen Designer Pao
Sephora kitchen Designer-Sally
Sephora Kitchen

verona catena

6 Things to Consider When Designing a New Kitchen

1. Functionality Design by


Zone planning is used to define the kitchen cabinets required for the storage items in these six essential work areas. This shortens distances and means that you can keep everything exactly where you need it.

Food Storage Zone
Kitchenware Storage Zone
Appliances Zone
Cleaning Zone

Food Storage


Kitchenware Storage






Preparation Zone
Cooking Zone





2. Waterproof Cabinet For              Cleaning Zone (sink area)


Ultimate durability and functional, stainless steel cabinet is the best choice for cleaning zone.

Stainless Steel Kitche Cabinet
Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

3. Lifetime Guarantee for                cabinet door hinge


Regardless of the size or weight of the door - with Blum hinges you can realise practically any application. Our hinges can be equipped with BLUMOTION for soft-closing.

Optimised corrosion protection
The new BCOR surface consists of a galvanically refined layer. This covers the hinge like a protective coat and ensures that it is better protected against strong corrosive influences.


4. Safety Repel Cockroach 
    From Kitchen Cabinet

natural plant printboard

The repellent substance is an all natural compound derived from plants. It contains natural cockroach and ant repellent; which means it does not kill them but rather, it repels them and keeps them away from your home.

repellent cockroach

5. Safety For Children Use

Invisible Drawer

It's important to protect the kids from sharp and dangerous items around and outside the kitchen cabinet. Here are smart ways to Keep knives, forks, scissors, and other sharp utensils in an invisible drawer.

Invisible drawer
Invisible Drawer

6. Eco-Friendly Materials

We are using Eco-friendly materials for our product.

Eco-friendly materials are innovative wood substitute materials with Air Safety Technology, causing no irritation to eyes or nose, no harm to your health and suitable for interior furniture.

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Eco-Friendly materials obtained international certifications
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Thailand Trust Mark logo
Green Label sg logo
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Love in Kitchen


What Our Clients Say

Our customer satisfied with the service and experienced

When comes to choosing good kitchen cabinet set, apart from good quality and reasonable pricing, good service also plays an impact role! Thumbs up to the team for the good support all these while!
Have been using the kitchen cabinet set for 2 years and still receive good support and service by the team!

sephora kitchen

- Ong Hsien Ming -

sephora kitchen

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Pao and Sephora kitchen for planning/constructing such a simple yet elegant design and practical kitchen for me. Will be back for the next one. 

- Jay King -

sephora kitchen

The services provided by them especially Ms. Sally were good. They are friendly, helpful in lots of ways and the installers did a very good job. The price is affordable yet the designs are elegant. I would highly recommend for the goods and services. Five stars for them!!!

- Jo Teoh -

sephora kitchen

I made the right choice by choosing Sephora Kitchen... the customer service and follow-ups provided are excellent, especially from Ms Sally, the salesperson who handled my case. She has been a great help by helping me with my many questions.

The design is simple yet elegant... I will definitely introduce them to friends whom I know are looking for kitchen Cabinet.

- Su Phin -

Had great experience with Sephora Kitchen's service! Pricing is transparent, dates and time of delivery and installation were clear and on time. We're very satisfied with their products. I've used their products for my home kitchen and living studio's kitchenettes. Thanks to Mr. Ah Pao, both before and after service were the same - well thought and he did a quality check after installation.

Good pricing and quality products!

sephora kitchen

- Zoey Teoh -

sephora kitchen

I was very impressed by Sephora Kitchen in handling all my issues from the planning stage to the final product. Thanks to my planner, who was on hand throughout and the instalment of the kitchen were within the stipulated time as promised by my planner. Many that came to view the kitchen gave 2 thumbs up 👍👍. Needless to say more. I strongly recommend Sephora Kitchen and I know you will not go wrong with the choice. Thank you.

Professional service is given by Mr Pao. He is capable to guide n advice me when I required some changes during the process and also satisfied with end up service too. Price range affordable .Highly recommended!

- Lawrence  Chan -

sephora kitchen

- Kok Hoe Heng -

The biggest goal of our company is to create awesome experiences for our clients.

Sephora Kitchen

Really satisfied with the good service that Kitchen Planner provides to me. He recommended the best combination for my kitchen. He is very responsible and friendly. This is the 2nd time I get Sephora Kitchen to design my kitchen.

Thanks Sephora Kitchen.

Xin Hui

Our Values

We are a unique brand that believes in doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways that inspire trust, puts people first and transforms your lifestyle.

All our dealings and interactions are centred on things we can be proud of today, tomorrow and twenty years from now. Our ethos is driven by the following values.

100% satisfaction
Client Satisfaction
The biggest goal of our company is to create awesome experiences for our clients.
Detailing Price List
A transparent and detailed price list without fear of hidden costs and fees.
30 years experience
Trusted Quality
We design, assemble and create the highest quality practical kitchens at competitive prices. We create your unique design from scratch, source only the highest quality components, and install your new kitchen in line with the best industry practices.
Honesty and Trust
Honesty and Trust
 We believe that successful relationships are built on integrity and the biggest turnoff in any relationship (business or otherwise) is the feeling that you're being lied to. Hence, we believe honesty and trust are essential for a healthy business relationship.
money back guaranree
Affordable Price
We believe in providing affordable luxury without breaking the bank.
We are passionate about brainstorming creative and unique ways to deliver exceptional and fully functional kitchen designs.

Call Our Kitchen Designer To

Design Your Practical Kitchen

Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home

family is everything

Happy Family

Love Your Lover    Love Your Family


About Us

We are driven by a passion for beautiful, practical kitchen designs. We offer fully bespoke services, designing practical kitchens from concept to completion with thrilling aesthetics, effective functionality, innovative materials, sufficient space and most importantly with the purpose of transforming your house into a home.

Always ahead of the curve we know about great design. Our handmade kitchens have a signature architectural, understated look influenced by contemporary designs and family values. Our passion is delivering quality, practical kitchens combined with superior personal service.

We simplify the process of getting your dream kitchen with our “CreatifQ” (design tools) where you get to determine your requirements and also know the prices of every item for your very own stylish custom kitchen.
















Why Us

We have a professional team that comprises talented kitchen designers, specialist installers and skilled tradespeople. From concept to completion, our process is totally unique and tailored to meet your specific needs and expectations.

We offer a free kitchen design visits as part of our service, in which we measure up, find out about your lifestyle, your likes, and dislikes and get an idea of how your space could work. We aim to add real value to your home and life by styling your kitchen to fit perfectly around you and your family.












         Create a practical and healthy with safety home environment for your lovely family

to upgrading the life of your family members.



         To ensure every family to have the zero formaldehyde's home products with an affordable price.

white kitchen
Panel Saw
Abs edging

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Contact No:014- 2299 878



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